How is my personal data used and stored?

The information we ask you to communicate to us when you make a purchase or register in the Account section is essential for processing and forwarding orders, to fill out the purchase invoice and to activate the product warranty. Our commitment is to keep these data very carefully and to use them only for MoeMoe's activities. You can still contact us at any time at the e-mail address or using the appropriate form to get information on the status of your personal data and ask us for any changes or the entire cancellation.

Who will ring my door… who will deliver?

To ensure timely and safe delivery of your purchases, we have chosen to rely on couriers with proven reliability. All products are packed with the utmost care, but if something is wrong, notify us immediately by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address or using the appropriate form.

Where is the delivery made?

Where do you want: every time you make a purchase you can tell us where do you prefer that we send you the products. At home (at the address you indicated as the main one, that is the residence / billing address), or at the sea, in the mountains, at a friend's or girlfriend's house if you are someone who likes to surprise you. And if you are a registered user you do not have to fill in the form every time: all the addresses, the main one and all the secondary ones you have entered, are in fact stored in your personal address book where you can modify them and possibly delete them at any time.