- You can return one or more items, without ever having used them, within 14 days from the delivery date and receive a refund equal to the price of the returned products or receive a voucher of equal value to be used for the purchase of other products.

- The return cost is free for all orders with shipping in Italy (Republic of San Marino and Vatican City included).

- Shipping costs are charged to the customer, for all orders outside Italy.

- It is possible to change the items purchased with other products.

- We cannot accept the return of items that are not in the same condition in which they were sent and received.


- Check that you have the following requirements before shipping the goods and follow the instructions listed below in order to receive a refund as soon as possible:

  • check that all the original labels, in fabric or hanging, are perfectly intact and that they have not been removed from the garment, otherwise we cannot guarantee the return of the product because the products would no longer be salable;
  • check that each item to be returned is in the same condition in which it was originally shipped and that it is packed with care and in an orderly manner;
  • each item returned can be worn only for the test of the same. It must not have been worn for other purposes or washed, ironed, and / or treated in any way;
  • no more than 14 days have passed since receipt of the product;

- The original box is considered an integral part of the product and must be returned intact, without signs, writings or deformations. For this reason, the original box cannot be used as the only external packaging for shipping.

Important: If the conditions listed above are not respected we will not be able to accept the return, which will therefore be rejected and, at the Customer's request, the items will be sent back, at his expense. Finally, if to make your order you decide to use a courier of your choice, the package containing the return is under your responsibility until it is delivered to our warehouses. This means that we are not responsible for any loss, damage due to bad packaging, or delay in the delivery of the return.


1 - Download the return document at the following link complete it in its entirety and send it to us at the email address;

2A- For shipments to Italy the return is free. Make sure to check the pick-up address that you find in the return acceptance email and make sure that the waybill is attached to it. The courier will collect within 2 days, to which you will have to deliver the waybill (which you will have to print and apply on the envelope).

2B- For shipments outside Italy, the return is the responsibility of the customer. It allows you to choose the express courier you prefer and you will bear the cost of shipping directly with him.

3 - We remind you that you can start a return procedure within 14 days from the delivery date (including holidays). After this deadline, the return procedure will no longer be available.


- As soon as we receive your package, we will verify that all the conditions listed above have been met: if the procedure has been carried out correctly, we will reimburse it, which will take place through the same payment method used during the purchase. In the event that the order was paid on delivery, the refund will be made by bank transfer.

- As an alternative to the refund, you can choose to receive a purchase voucher equal to the amount of the returned item, which can be used throughout the catalog without time limits.

- Both in the case of a total return and in the case of a partial return of an order, the shipping costs will not be refunded, if incurred during the purchase phase.

- You can follow the status of your return by logging in and accessing the "Orders" menu.